Return Policy

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all rental items are available for pick-up at the designated resort, hotel or vacation home on the date and time specified in the reservation. All rental items are to be returned to OBMX staff on the date of return. We prefer for some to be available for pick up at the delivered location. (Please note: If pick up is scheduled for a morning return, pick up may occur from 10 am to 12 pm, depending on the location, additional area pickups, and driver availability)

If the Client wishes to extend the rental period the Client must contact OBMX before the agreed upon return time. OBMX may, at its own discretion allow or deny any extension. OBMX reserves the right to charge the Client’s card and Client agrees to allow the charge of $25 for each additional day or fraction of a day the rental item(s) is kept by the Client.

Client agrees to contact OBMX in the event of a delay in returning the rental item(s) at the agreed upon time. It is the sole discretion of OBMX as to whether a grace period may be granted. A $25 fee may be applied for return trips to pick up rental items if not returned at the agreed upon time as listed in the rental reservation or prearranged with OBMX. (Returned items are to be brought to the bell stand or front desk and never to be left in rooms or inside vacation homes or condos)

Client agrees to contact OBMX if the rental item(s) is returned earlier than the agreed upon date of return. Failure to notify OBMX will void any insurance taken on the Equipment.

The client may request a change of product for reasons of size or transportation issues. These requests are solely at the discretion of OBMX based on product availability. Such requests are subject to a $25 fee per item.

In the event the return baby equipment need special cleaning processes to remove stubborn stain (food stain, child vomit, leaking diaper or other bodily fluid) – we will charged an minimum $100 cleaning fee at OBMX’s discretion and will deduct from the deposit.
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