Product Trial Agreement


This agreement is between the Product User (“Client”) and Obizmax (“Obmx”).

    1. Client requests a trial of Obmx’s product(s) for one week. The trial period shall commence upon the delivery of the product(s) to the Client.
    2. Client will retain the original packaging (plastic bag/box) to use if the product(s) need to be returned.
    3. Client may use the product(s) during the trial period. The client will use their professional judgment regarding the appropriateness of Obmx products for their children.
    4. Client agrees to take care of the product(s) and prevent abuse of the products during the trial period. Care instructions are included with your trial products and are posted at
    5. At the expiration of the trial period, the Client agrees to either:
      1. Purchase the trial product(s) at the prices listed on the website; applicable taxes and shipping charges will also be applied.
      1. Return the trial product(s) to Obmx:
        1. Obmx shall arrange the product collection with the Client for the return of any trial product(s).
        2. The client should use original packaging material (plastic bag/box) to pack the product(s) correctly.  Obmx will arrange a courier to pick up the product at the end of the trial period.
        3. Client will be responsible for ensuring that the product(s) are cleaned (free of all debris) and disinfected (using standard Client disinfectants) before their return to Obmx. The client will follow the cleaning instructions outlined in “Manufacturer’s Instructions.” The client agrees to pay a $30 cleaning fee for each product returned that has not been cleaned properly.
    1. If the Client does not purchase the product(s), or if the Client does not return the product(s) in a reasonable period, Obmx will invoice the Client for the product(s) and the deposit will not be refunded.

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